From HBO and True Blood: RIP Bill Compton

From HBO and True Blood: RIP Bill Compton

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Dearest Maleficent Returns To ‘Once Upon A Time’


Maleficent Returns To ‘Once Upon A Time’

Once Upon a Time

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Get ready for some witchy fun! True Blood actress Kristin Bauer van Straten trades her fangs for magic powers in her return to Once Upon a Time.

Bauer van Straten will be reprising her role as Regina’s best frenemy, Maleficent, and could possibly be Season 4’s big baddie once Elsa’s storyline plays out. Could Maleficent be the big threat that makes all of Storybrooke…

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Images from Jessica and Hoyt’s wedding in The final episode of True Blood: Thank You.

We should have known…It was Peter all along…

Teen Wolf yet again showed us the way in one pivotal episode that lays all the cards out in the table. The main object this season is to see if Scott survives Peter’s plan to become the Alpha again.

Shaking my head…

Just when we started to think he was turning a new leaf, especially after finding out who his daughter is.

Shaking my head…

Let us focus on three other key scenes that pointed us in the right direction:

1. After Mama McCall fixed Stiles and Malia’s relationship, the two lovebirds found the dead pool, a computer from the 60’s that maintained the information about the assassination list and loot. They turned it off and all was right in the world…for now.

2. Mr. Stilinski is not taking Peter’s crap any more. After learning of how Peter plotted with Meredith, Stilinski regrettably allows him to leave, with a warning, that is.

3. Meredith realizing that there was a bigger plan at play and we started to worry.

This was a great episode and I cannot believe that we only have a couple of episodes to resolve this. Who’ll survive, who won’t. Can’t wait!

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More pics from last night’s Series finale of True Blood: Thank You

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Regarding Doctor Who, Outlander, and The Strain…

Doctor Who: I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. You can see him drawing on John Pertwee as his inspiration, but his Doctor is so much more Peter Capaldi and for that I am grateful. He is funny, a detective that questions everything, confused, and a bit dark…that you are not sure whether you can totally trust him. The other interesting angle is Clara’s issue with accepting Twelve as a Doctor. It’s so hard for her to wrap her head around who her  beloved Doctor is now, that it takes a call from Eleven (Yes! We got to see Matt Smith as the Doctor one last time) to not only get her goodbye in, but for her to continue with 12 for the time being.  Remember, there is talk that this companion will only be around until the Christmas special. I can’t wait to see what comes next for this doctor.

Outlander: Claire finally got a moment to reassess that possibility of getting back to her Frank and it looks positive. However, barring Jamie, she is still very careful about how she approaches every situation she is in. She even makes an enemy out of the local whacko priest, but she saved a child from dying from poison in doing so. Will she make it out of Castle Leoch? I hope so.

The Strain: Well, we finally have a couple of interesting moments. The first was the flashback that showed us the interaction between Thomas and Abraham. Did they start off as an odd couple during the holocaust? It explains why they have such an interesting relationship. The other interesting bit happened at the end with the humanoid vampire hunters that remind me of rat people.  They ooze cool and I want to see more of them. Otherwise, the show is more of the same. Will someone tell Eph to be a bit more realistic about the situation he is in. Also, stop using other cities for New York. That was not Grand Central and 42nd Street is never that empty.

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Eric & Pam’s infomercial for New Blood. All rights belong to True Blood.

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True Blood: The End of an Era

It’s kind of funny that the book that ended the wildly popular book series and the show that capitalized on that popularity both ended by leaving their fans feeling like they deserved so much more.

I think I am one of the few people that loved both endings to the extraordinary 2 year adventure of Sookie Stackhouse and those around her in Bon Temps, LA.

What made the show a hit was the story of a non-descript waitress, who has the ability to read minds and ends up being a fairy, falling for someone she should never have fallen in love with…a vampire named Bill.

The love affair caused havoc and almost destroyed everyone.

But watching her and those that she loves try to maneuver through life while dealing with everything that goes bump in the night was at times entertaining, at times horrifying, and at times a head-scratcher. Yet, we kept on.

Was it the string of beautiful men that followed her around and eventually lead them to their own deaths, Bill, Alcide, Warlow, and even Eric, that also kept us watching…Yes.

However, there were key storylines and characters that endeared us to the show, like the love of Pam and Eric…not a romance, but something more. Jessica and Hoyt finally getting the happily ever after they deserved, Lafayette finding love, Jason settling down, Sookie finding a life that is not embroiled in danger. This is what we wanted and it is what we got.

I know that people out there wanted Sookie to save Bill with her light, but this show had to end the way it started…with Bill and Sookie. And it was a sincere moment between two lovers. Neither one could keep on going at the rate they were going. He knew she deserved a chance to have the life that she wanted and she knew he would not be happy to continue as a vampire.

I was happy that Sookie got her happily ever after, a husband, a baby on the way, and those she loves around her celebrating life.

Yes, having Sarah chained in the basement of Fangtasia as a high priced blood doll  tormented by Steve seemed fitting for a character that kick-started most of the insanity that caused many of the characters to suffer and for many to die. No?

I want to thank HBO and Charlaine Harris (who had a cameo in the final episode) for giving us this world that has been a part of my life via reading the books, being one of the sites that followed the show, interviewing the actors, and watching this show through thick and thin. It is a wonderful chapter of my life that I am glad to close, but I will always miss Bon Temps and all those that reside there.

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Stellar weekend of TV: Saturday - Doctor Who and Outlander. Sunday - Final episode of True Blood and a new episode of The Strain.

Stellar weekend of TV: Saturday - Doctor Who and Outlander. Sunday - Final episode of True Blood and a new episode of The Strain.

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New image of The Doctor and Clara from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. Watch the premiere this Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America! 


New image of The Doctor and Clara from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. Watch the premiere this Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America! 

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More newly released images from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. 

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JUST RELEASED: New images from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’.

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